Whip Smart: assume the position

Hi, it’s me, Jenny. Whip Smart is me, if I may be so bold (and I will). For the record, Whip Smart is also a fantastic album by Liz Phair.

Anywho, let’s jump right into a recent project, shall we?

A new, mixed-development in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA

My pals at Blue Ion invited illustrator Jay Fletcher and me to play on this one. Newbury is a groundbreaking, new, mixed-use development in the South Hills suburb of Pittsburgh. Neighborhoods of tree-lined streets, energy-efficient homes with big backyards and front porches are just a walk away from the new town center where folks can dine, shop and even work. Not only is Newbury creating a viable and vibrant town center for the South Hills area, it’s also a revitalization project of incredible scale and commitment.

It’s always a challenge for me to create a voice, copy and energy for a place that doesn’t yet exist. What I love is doing the research: talking to the passionate and knowledgeable folks who make this work their life. And, of course digging into the land and culture of a place.Props to Jay’s super-stylie illustrations that kick off the site and of course, the B.I. team. Extra gold stars to Craig who brought Jay’s illustrations to life through the magic of the parallax effect.


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