Carleton prefers white cosmos

That would be Carleton Varney, one of the country’s finest interior designers AND former protegé of interior design icon, Dorothy Draper.

I’d tell you how I know this little tidbit about Mr. Varney, but then I’d have to kill you and really, who has the time?

Seriously, this is a quote from a dear friend/former boss who had the great joy of spending some time with the talented and charismatic Mr. Varney at the legendary Greenbrier.

I love this quote because it’s just so wonderfully rich and descriptive. It’s a short story WAITING to happen. It confirms that real life is hilariously vivid and utterly noteworthy: yes, I actually WROTE this in my journal four years  ago and am using it now. (And probably at opportune moments for the rest of my life.)

Sidebar: remind me to tell you the story of our trip to the now-nothing-but-a-fond-memory Old White Lounge at The Greenbrier. One for the books.

While I’m at it, take a look at this invitation to the High Style of Dorothy Draper exhibit/opening at the Museum of the City of New York I worked on with art director Keith Johnson. I found this fantastic quote from Ms. Draper: “I’ve always had a good time at my own parties.”

That, my friends, was the platform for the brainstorming session that followed.

An invitation to the High Style of Dorothy Draper.
Full of color and style.

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