Comfort cocktails

Was just pondering…isn’t it interesting how most people have that go-to comfort food dish? A medley of home, childhood, nostalgia and wonderful smells mixed together (usually with a dairy product) that produces feelings of supreme well-being and oneness with the universe when consumed.

Which got me thinking. Does anyone have this in cocktail form?


I’m not condoning alcohol as an emotional crutch, mind you (nor dairy products for that matter). But, I am curious as to what adult beverage brings you comfort/peace/well-being/momentary but blissful happiness. To get your minds going, might I offer my short list (never imbibed all at once, of course):

  1. A pint of perfectly pulled Guinness
  2. Hendrick’s gin & tonic with a lime

Now, regale me with your comfort cocktail.

More than gin, it's well-being.

And please, by all means, comfort responsibly.


9 thoughts on “Comfort cocktails

  1. Jenny, funny you should mention “comfort cocktails” I think in winter a hot buttered rum fits the bill and it includes dairy! Let me hunt down that recipe…

  2. My Goodness, My Guinness! A pint or three generally does the trick after a work day like today. Especially when the barkeep draws a happy little shamrock in the foam. Thanks, Jenny. I feel better already.

  3. I LOVE a good, unique IPA, pulled from a clean tap (helllooooo, Charleston Beer Exchange). It’s crisp taste reminds me of eating a grapefruit. So tangy…even in the dead of winter!

  4. Nothing comforts my soul more than slipping into a bowl of red wine…preferably a bordeaux. Complex, venturesome and just light enough to imbibe in another.

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