Be not afraid of humor

My top three movies are, as of this moment, (the list shifts):

1. When Harry Met Sally (There is a quote from that movie suitable for most every life moment. Try it. And hello, the Katz Delicatessen moment.)

2. Raising Arizona (Cohen Brothers, classic Holly Hunter and this line: “Son, you got a panty on your head.”)

"Son, you got a panty on your head."

3. Moonstruck (What a cast! Too many perfect lines to count.)

Simply put, great dialogue and an expertly crafted line are what I love most about writing.

Every now and again, I get to bring a bit of humor to a project. This time around, the client was The Greenbrier Sporting Club, a luxury residential sporting community on the grounds of the historic Greenbrier Resort. The project was a postcard announcing the reopening of the newly renovated sales office. Which in and of itself didn’t sound so thrilling to me.

I thought I’d throw in a bit of humor to grab people’s attention.

We knew the audience we targeted had a well-developed sense of humor. Still, throwing humor out there is always a bit of a risk. We took it. And, I had the pleasure of art director Keith Johnson working with me to add fantastic graphics to my words. It worked. Not only was the reopening a smashing success, some folks even brought the postcard with them to share a laugh with the staff.

2 responses to “Be not afraid of humor”

  1. Love the ad, girl! Maybe we should get together for movie nights and watch all 3.


  2. Movie nights are SO in order!

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