Going corporate

Oh yes, kids. I can “do” corporate.

Give me your “unique selling proposition!”

Your “low hanging fruit!” (Easy..eeeassyyyy.)

Your “collaboration across niches.”

And I will gut them. Then, a wave of my concepting and copywriting hand. A dash of design brilliance and…


This is the MetLife Annual Report I worked on with friend/super-designer Bill Blair. We approached this project with a single thought in our minds: insurance, be ye not so cold and unfeeling. I came up with the concept of “embracing growth” and did some heavy editing. Bill brought humanity and the natural world to the piece, and I believe everything just clicked from there. Take a look.

Embracing growth
Breathing life into the oft-dreaded timeline.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go synch up and revolutionize my global business and platform strategy.


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