Divine shoes & handbags.

“Some days only a fiercely beautiful pair of shoes and handbag will do.” -Mary Norton

That’s a line I wrote for Mary Norton, the luxe shoe and handbag designer formerly known by the name MooRoo. Blue Ion designed Mary’s fabulous website as well as her blog, and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with Mary, soak up some of her creative energy and help write her story for the worldwide web. To spend any time at all with Mary is to witness creative exuberance: hearty laughter, vivid stories and an abundance of hand gestures. She is fun, quirky, impish.

My favorite parts? This bit from her bio:

She takes on the classic challenge that faces all women: to be beautiful; to say what we mean and mean what we say; to be intelligent, funny, vital, timeless; and, to segue from motherhood to sisterhood, from wife to friend to boss, all with style and laughter.

David Wood, Blue Ion’s Creative Director, had the fantastic idea to translate some of Mary’s thematic design elements into The Book of Mary. My favorite is learning how Mrs. Robinson herself came to influence Mary, the designer:

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson. I like to think of the leopard lining as my little secret. Of course, now I’m letting you in on it. It’s like a little hint of scandal, a hint of your inner rebel, tucked nicely into an exquisite bag. People will wonder why you keep opening your bag and smiling.

Though the Mary Norton brand as we knew it fell victim to our flailing economy, I’m certain Mary’s next adventure will be fresh, exciting and full of the things that make us feel strong and beautiful.

P.S. Many thanks, as always, to Blue Ion and the MN team…Mimi Dorman, Deirdre Zahl and Konrad Duchek.

The Book of Mary
The leopard undies that launched the handbag lining.
Feathers for fantasy.

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