2010 ADDY Awards…holla!

I’ll admit it. I didn’t know what to wear to the 2010 Charleston ADDY Awards. The theme was rock ‘n roll, which to me means basically, anything goes. And, this being the creative community and all, well, anything goes anyway. I winged it.

For the record, I think Mark Lawrence from GSGD had the most fantastic seventies rock ‘n roll legend coat EVER. N’est-ce pas?

Photo by Gil Shuler. Mark, a seventies rock 'n roll dream.

Twas an evening of reconnecting with friends (much love, KV!), colleagues, creativity, good energy and several social drinks. I must give abundant thanks to Gil Shuler for asking me to write the Anson House Sales Kit, which took home a gold. And, as ever, many, many thanks to my comrades in arms at Blue Ion. I had the great pleasure of writing for several of their winning websites: Kristin Newman Designs, Newbury, EQA Landmark Communities and Madaktari.

Congrats to all the winners…and to everyone…the work was truly exceptional. Thanks, Charleston. Some evenings you just especially rock.

Blue Ion's 2010 ADDY Awards spread. Photo by Mike Henry.
Katherine, Kit & me.
Several of the talented gentlemen of Blue Ion (Mike, Woody, Josh) & me.
Holy talents, Batman! Gil Shuler & Amy Pastre

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