Madaktari on Communication Arts

On the heels of the ADDYs came another lovely moment. Yesterday, the Communication Arts website featured Madaktari as their webpick of the day. Congrats and thanks to Blue Ion, Brennan Wesley and Kathleen Ellis.


Madaktari: CA’s webpick of the day

As I’ve mentioned before, I wrote copy for the Madaktari website, and it’s inspiring to see the organization’s work and dedication get the attention it deserves. Sustainable health care: an idea so simple in theory and vital in nature. All coming to life. Please support Madaktari.

In other news, was very psyched to see the ladies of Stitch grab a handful of solid golds at the ADDYs the other night. Among their winning work was the identity and packaging for the Charleston-based, female-owned and operated company, Cutey Booty.

Photo by Stitch. Cutey Booty baby boxers!

The brainchild of two friends, career women and Moms, Angie and Whitney, Cutey Booty is a modern spin on traditional pieces, specifically, the bloomers and boxers that cover baby bums.

I had the pleasure of coming up with a tagline, storyline and hangtag copy for this dynamic duo. Many thanks to Courtney and Amy for asking me to play along on this one. The identity and packaging is simply beautiful: playful and memorable. Should you have the need to buy for a baby’s bum, check out the CB website.


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