Apocalypse now?

Not you, Martin. The other apocalypse.

On Friday, I paid a visit to one of my clients (name changed to protect identity) and discovered some incredible information! One of the designers, “Jacob,” is in the process of gathering supplies (at this point, mostly canned goods and Russian ammo), to build an underground shelter/panic room for the “alleged” apocalypse of 2012. Though I’ve heard that the Mayans predicted 2012 as the end of days, I was unaware the Egyptian calendar ends in 2012, too. Thanks, Jacob, for that enlightening tidbit.

In the meantime, we’re hoping Jacob’s office doesn’t get raided as he’s having ammo shipped to work.

For those interested, Jacob is selling entry to his proposed underground safe house for $50,000 a pop. It’s unclear at this point what the $50K gets you: mere admittance? Are food and ammo extra? I shall inquire about a menu of services and pricing and report back to you with details.

One response to “Apocalypse now?”

  1. Sounds to me like you guys should heed warning and pay up!

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