Truth In Advertising

Lo and behold, feminine hygiene ads are getting real! Check out the New York Times article.

And, the great ad by JWT below.

Your period just got funnier.

And the U by Kotex website. Free tampons!

Menstruation goes digital!

Ah, the truth about the female cycle finally revealed.

Here’s my truth: my Dad would have sooner undergone root canal than have the words “tampon” or “cramps”uttered in his presence. Your truths, kids?

One response to “Truth In Advertising”

  1. LOL, guess that girl is lucky I’m not her brother, wouldn’t bother me at all.. I’d just take the keys anyways, tampon and all XD

    The word tampon and cramps really bother your Dad that much? Guess he’s a very old-fashion type of guy… or maybe he’s just shy 😛

    – Prexus
    Author of MEN in Menstruation

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