Yarborough Applegate: sleeves rolled up

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Friends at Blue Ion just launched a site for two Charleston attorneys and their new firm, Yarborough Applegate. I had the opportunity to meet with William and David as I worked on copy for their site. Both are Charleston natives. In fact, they’ve been friends since childhood. And, both worked for big Charleston firms, William at Motley Rice and David at Pierce, Herns, Sloan & McLeod before deciding to break out on their own.

When I sat down with them, I was struck by their intelligence and intensity. Though their passion for what they do manifests differently in each of them, there’s simply no question that these guys mean what they say. Which, as lawyers go, is more than refreshing.

I think it’s that feeling that informed Blue Ion’s Creative Director David Wood and his talented wife Shannon to craft an identity and design for Yarborough Applegate that sets them apart. Many thanks to the entire Blue Ion team, especially Mike, Brian and Chris, who helped me craft copy that search engines will just love.

Here’s a bit of copy I wrote for the site:

Tireless And Tenacious

We Do This Work Because This Is Your Life.
Not Just Our Case.

We think you have a right to live your life to the fullest potential. If something happens to get in the way of that, we’re there. We are driven and determined in pursuit of a remedy for your loss. When it comes to your life, there’s simply no other way we can be.

3 responses to “Yarborough Applegate: sleeves rolled up”

  1. Warren Redman-Gress Avatar
    Warren Redman-Gress

    you are an amazing wordsmith.

  2. David Yarborough Avatar
    David Yarborough

    Jenny, Thank you for all of your help. We love the site and have gotten a great deal of positive feedback after the launch. You and the whole Blue Ion team were amazing to work with. We believe you guys really captured our ideals and identified our brand in the site.

  3. Very nice copy…but glad I don’t need an attorney.:-)

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