It’s happy hour somewhere

Mom & Aunt Beth: Happy Hour circa 1978

It’s Spring in Charleston and that means:

1. Nearly nude co-eds sunbathing in Marion Square

2. King Street car accidents caused by male leering at aforementioned co-eds

3. Pollen: that thin veil of yellow dust guaranteed to make you sneeze, wheeze and lower your voice to Bea Arthur octave (I say that with love. I miss Bea.)

4. Outdoor Happy Hour!

I mention Happy Hour because I found the great photo of my Mom and Aunt Beth, above, enjoying a cocktail on our patio back in 1978. Doesn’t my Mom look positively, exuberantly, HAPPY? All from one unassuming gin and tonic.

And now that I think about it, I remember that for a while when I was young, when my Dad would come home from work, we kids were told to make ourselves scarce while the parents sat down for a cocktail (plus peanuts for my Dad) to relax, catch up on the day’s events and decide who was getting what punishment for which horrible thing that happened. Ah, the suburbs.

Anyway, it’s Friday. Happy cocktailing to you and yours.


2 thoughts on “It’s happy hour somewhere

  1. A sure sign of spring in Charleston…

    “Would you like to try a free sample of italian ice?”

    “Can I get that in lemon flavor with a gin base?”

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