Ashley Hall School: possunt quae volunt

ah_1Latin for, “Those willing are able.” Take it one step further, “Girls with the will have the ability,” and you have one supremely motivating school motto for South Carolina’s only private preparatory school for girls, Ashley Hall.

Friends at Gil Shuler Graphic Design invited me to brainstorm and write copy for a view book to attract more great minds to Ashley Hall, and it was definitely an enlightening experience.

I had the opportunity to walk the beautiful campus (a gem tucked right in the middle of downtown), observe classes (four-year-olds practicing violin!), meet the warm, talented staff as well as sit down to speak with Jill Muti, the Head of School.  To speak with Jill Muti about the young women ultimately in her charge is to understand her passionate commitment to empower and nurture them.  Compassionate education is a theme that runs deep and true at Ashley Hall; it questions the status quo and invites conversation and community.

For the design, Gil and Amy came up with an approach that was a mix of modern and vintage (like the school itself). Created in the style of the iconic speckled notebook, the book feels both new and familiar (the plaid from the school uniforms adorns the cover), traditional and daring. It’s not easy work to create a piece that attracts both parent and student, but Gil and Amy did it again.



A snippet from the copy I wrote:

Recognize that everything you do impacts someone or something.
Ashley Hall understands that education is awareness. We believe that true awareness comes from putting knowledge in context, intellectually, spiritually, ethically and globally.

With the understanding that each generation makes a promise to lift the next one higher, Ashley Hall is committed to raise student consciousness of issues facing their community and the world. Firsthand engagement with the issues, through mentors or introductions to specific programs challenges student preconceptions, stimulates compassion and a commitment to leave her community and the world better than the one she inherited.


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