It’s electric…boogie woogie woogie!

Hi, plug me in!

The way projects morph and evolve always fascinates me, and this one was no exception. Back in December, my pal Gil Shuler asked me to meet the folks behind Current Electric Vehicles, a new breed of Charleston-based electric car experts. Gil created a cool, smartly designed logo for them, and I wrote a bit of copy for an ad.

Insert time-lapse here.

Two or three weeks ago, my pals at Blue Ion called to ask me to write copy for the CEV site. A couple of discussions and brainstorming later and…POOF! An energetic and informative little website that introduces Charleston to an array of electric vehicles by bringing out the essence of what it feels like to drive one: FUN! Shout out to Woody, Josh, Brian, Chris, Mike and the entire B.I. team.

Here’s a bit o’ copy I wrote:

No more gas stations. Unless you need a bathroom or salty snack.

With a range of 40 miles with the lead acid battery or 80 miles with the Lithium polymer battery, the EV was built for Lowcountry jaunts and joy-rides whether you’re on Kiawah or Queen Street.


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