Love is either wood or fire.

A found poem. Co-written with one of my favorite writers, Kim Vollmer-Lawson.

Love is either wood or fire
Banister or banishment
Would you still if I changed into
Stump, a table made
Would you stand firm then fall
Hold tight to my arm as you
Descend. Bring in the kindling
The kind that crackles in the fire’s lick
That lights up only
What you are allowed to see.
Would you run your hand against
My grain? Feel your own heat
Softening, bending what was into
What is
Would you forget my name if
I wrote it in flame, branded
The sky. Would you forgive me
For turning to ash?

One response to “Love is either wood or fire.”

  1. Such interesing questions about love…an such an interesting metaphor to use…enjoyed it.

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