Beer, a family business

Folks from Blue Ion, Gil Shuler Graphic Design and I toured the Pearlstine Distributors facility this morning. And let me just say, WHOA.

Beer as the far as the eye can see!

So much beer, it nearly brought a tear.

Thanks to Larry, Susan, Ashley and team for their hospitality. It’s quite something to witness the behind the scenes of a five-generation family business. These are warm, passionate people who believe in excellence in every part of their work. Their facility is impressive, and in the beautiful lobby, they have some wonderful historical pieces that show the evolution of the family business. I was particularly moved by this, written by the family in the early 1900s:

“We get our environment not from the trains we travel on, the scenery we see, the hotels we stop at, the competitors we contend with, the customers we meet; but from the mental attitude that governs us in the presence of them all.”

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