Where you work inspires how you work

I’ll be honest, the words “commercial real estate” do not usually inspire me. I start thinking about bad cube experiences, fluorescent lighting and chucking problem printers out of high windows. What, don’t you?

Fortunately, friends at FORMO and Blue Ion introduced me to Tryon Plaza in Uptown Charlotte, and I have to admit, I was immediately smitten. It helps that Tryon Plaza is a sleekly-designed Art-Deco masterpiece in an otherwise super-mod, steel and glass skyscraper skyline.

Tryon Plaza, Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina

To prepare to write about Tryon Plaza, I took a glimpse into its history. Built in 1927, it has both a hard-carved sandstone archway and gargoyles (love ’em). I’m a sucker for fine architectural details, and the glamour that is Art-Deco. It was also fun for me to imagine the businessmen that filled Tryon Plaza at that time. Men in fedoras and three-piece suits sporting pocket watches and drinking Manhattans (after work, of course).

And, let us not forget their hardworking, die-hard spirit.

It’s that entrepreneurial-anything-is-possible vision we wanted to create for Tryon Plaza, a place truly custom-built for great businesses. Thanks to the team’s hard work, I think the Uptown Charlotte may just have a commercial real estate hit on its hands. Special thanks to Josh, Nicola, Chris and Casey (for their keyword wizardry). Manhattans for everyone!


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