SpiritLine Cruises & Gray Line Tours, They’re Nifty!

My dear friend, former colleague and superfly designer Courtney Jo Schoenbaechler asked me to partner with her on two fun projects for SpiritLine Cruises and Gray Line Tours. If you’re keeping score, that’s one by boat, one by bus.

I especially love what she did with the design for Gray Line. It’s bright with both vintage and modern elements and guides the reader effortlessly. For the SpiritLine piece, Courtney Jo did a fantastic job building a design based off the great work SpiritLine’s ad agency, the ever-fabulous Hookers, created. I kept the copy for both light and informational with a touch of fun. Thanks, CoJo, I loved getting the band back together!

Vintage, meet modern.
Choose your tour.

Here’s a snippet from the Gray Line brochure:

Charleston is a city with 300 years of living American history – from American Revolution battlegrounds to present day art and architecture. For generations, Charleston’s stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality has won the adoration of pioneers, pirates, politicians and poets alike. Perhaps it’s the cobbled streets. Maybe it’s the salty sea air. The lilting accents. The easy laughter.

We invite you to take a tour with our licensed, passionate guides – and discover for yourself all there is to love about Charleston.

Get thyself on a dinner cruise!

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