Casey Avenue Bridge

Written for my big brother: a great writer, a dear friend and the brave soul who first tried to explain love to me when I was seven.

Set upon the cold steel
I could feel the rivets through my dungarees
Could see the river below
Midnight blue, swift, mysterious
Patches of ice scraping together the only noise
I sat with that sound
While you walked slowly back and forth
Gently explaining to me, your baby sister
That love takes many forms

I swung my legs to and fro to keep warm
To feel the satisfying thud of my sneakers against steel
The purpose of that night
The walk to the bridge
The reason for that conversation
Have no place in my memory
The sharp cold
The ice floes
The distinct, deep night
No match for the warmth of a brother’s love

One response to “Casey Avenue Bridge”

  1. A wonderful poem that expresses a warmth that just cannot be matched…excellent poem…I love how the poem reaches the senses. Bravo!

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