They call it Girlology

Conversations that matter.

Earlier this month, Girlology went live. I had the opportunity to write copy for the site with my pals at Blue Ion. I also had the wonderful pleasure of meeting and speaking with the physicians, Moms and women who brought Girlology to life, Drs. Melisa Holmes and Trish Hutchison.

Through an interesting array of straightforward, medically accurate conversations, classes and books, Girlology provides girls, Moms and caregivers the language, time and tools to better navigate the changes and challenges girls face during puberty.

I was fortunate to have a Mom (shameless maternal plug) who made certain we knew (sometimes in more vivid detail than we ever wanted) exactly what was happening to our bodies during puberty…and beyond now that I think of it. Also, I read A LOT of Judy Blume, who may in fact be the voice of adolescence for an entire generation of women. More on what I have to say about that here.

As for Girlology, I must say it was a fun and inspiring project. Thanks always to the Blue Ion crew and the docs who are making it happen. If there’s a growing girl in your life, check them out. Here’s a bit of copy I wrote for the site:

Every girl deserves to feel good about herself. To understand her changing body and mind. To feel empowered to make informed choices. To have the space to grow. To be whoever she chooses to be. Lift her higher – to help her be the best possible “she” she can be. Start now.


2 thoughts on “They call it Girlology

  1. Hopefully the services will expand to serve gilrs in developing countries where such information is not readily available when the mother dies and where the internet does not reach.

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