Heavy metal & power lifting

So the other day when my pal Gil Shuler and I were power lifting…No kids, not really. But Gil and I did just produce materials for the serious power lifters of Stevens Transport. The Stevens family has been in the transportation business since 1913. That’s a lifetime of heavy lifting. We’re talking everything from tug towing, large vessel, on-road, special projects, even a heavy lift crane that lifts 95% of what’s manufactured in the world.

Here’s a bit of the copy:

Since 1913, Stevens Towing has dedicated itself to getting the job done for clients who require the best in inland, coast and ocean towing services. Our experienced and knowledgeable operators, captains, management and staff command a fleet of tugs, barges, and a one-of-a-kind ship for all freight and construction operations. Our broad-based service area encompasses the East, West and Gulf Coasts of the U.S, the Western Rivers and Great Lakes and foreign ports throughout the world. Our flexibility to meet the changing needs of our customers and the industry empowers us to tackle any project – from transporting 200 mobile homes to moving single pieces in excess of 750 tons – with precision.

Gil and his team created new logos, printed materials and a tradeshow booth that reflect the history, raw strength and integrity of these hardworking folks. I had the chance to speak with their leader, Bos Smith, who enlightened me on how the things we need move from here to there. Hint: sometimes it takes a floating crane with a 500-ton capacity. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on my boots and crank up some AC/DC.



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