New kids on the interweb block

You may already know my friend and former colleague Kit Menis. If you don’t know her, I sincerely don’t know where you’ve been hiding. Henceforth, I shall refer to her only as “Kit” or “The Mogul” as she has, since launching her own marketing agency, interactive agency AND active apparel line, wowed me with her energy and promotional abilities.

Over the past several months, Kit and I have collaborated on a number of identity and interactive projects for an incredible variety of clients…from her very own brand(s) to one of my childhood friends and one of my favorite locally-owned boutiques. Take a peek.

Kit Creative Marketing

As I thought about copy for Kit Creative Marketing, I wanted to capture both Kit’s energy, her pragmatic approach and her love of horses. She showed me the image of the “Kit branded” horse rump for the homepage, and the copy began to write itself.

Does your brand leave a mark?

The best brands don’t just leave a mark – they leave a great story. The kind that people want to hear again and again. Brands that last always find new and compelling ways to tell their stories, so they get passed along from generation to generation. We’d say that’s leaving a mark – an indelible one. If you think your brand could use a good swift kickstart…if you believe in the power of a holistic approach to marketing…if you believe in bang for your buck. Contact us. We’d love to tell your story.

KMK Web Design

Since its inception (mere months ago), KMK Web Design has been wrangling designs and content management systems for small to mid-size clients across the country. The copy needed to mirror that can-do attitude and energy.

If the web is a bucking bronco, we’re the ones to ride it.

We create compelling and innovative ways to tell your story for the digital world. We’re KMK Web. We build websites that are smart, well designed and made to grow your business. Plus, every website comes with a custom-built content management system giving you the power to update and make changes whenever you want.

KMK seeks long-term relationships with great clients who demand quality, value for their hard-earned dollars and the freedom and peace of mind that comes with managing their own content. Oh, and long walks on the beach. We like those, too.



Kit Active Apparel

Here’s how the phone call went.

KM: “Jenny, it’s Kit!”

JB: “Hi, what’s up?”

KM: “Did I tell you I’m starting an active clothing line?”

JB: “Um, what? When? In all of your free time?”

KM: “I need a tagline and some copy!”

JB: “I’m in!”

Kit: active apparel for the unstoppable you.

Inspired by the natural beauty, vintage architecture and outdoor lifestyle of Charleston, South Carolina. Powered by you.


Lesesne is a family-owned, independent Charleston boutique specializing in modern furniture, linens, paper products, home decor, warm personalized service and cool style. I should add that I just adore the owners, the mother-daughter dynamic duo, Barbara and Bryte Lesesne. Among the more amazing things about this Upper King gem is the handmade furniture by architect Neal Van Dalen (AKA Bryte’s husband).



Practical Parenting

And last but certainly not least is Practical Parenting from Portland, Oregon. Providing solutions for everyday challenges, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Child Specialist and Development Disabilities Specialist AND childhood friend o’ mine, Tracey B. Johnson puts her vast experience to work for families. It’s pretty amazing to see the kids you grew up with flourish into such wonderful people. As for copy, I simply revealed Tracey’s essence and approach, which I think is pretty darn inspiring.

I believe every family has the ability to create healthy, fulfilling relationships. I believe in celebrating each family’s uniqueness and drawing on the strengths you already possess. It takes courage to seek ways to change the way your family works. Let me help you find the tools and ideas that will work for you and your family – and put the fun back in your family life.



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