We Who Want

New poem. With thanks to Kim Vollmer-Lawson.

We want the sunset back
The moment
Its crimson belly
Finds it hiding place
Children dirty kneed in dungarees. Painters. Poets.

We want another story to sleep by
As we rub burning eyes
Stretch. Sink toward dream.

We want heavy, elephant skies
Spirits with long memories. Early snows.
We wish. Will. Wonder.
Whisper. Into ears that hear.
We beg. Bless. Blunder.

We draw portraits as you draw breath
Unconscious of the beauty within them both.


2 responses to “We Who Want”

  1. Absolutely, positively my favorite. I love it!

  2. Heather Friedrichs Lyman Avatar
    Heather Friedrichs Lyman

    Jenny, I love this one. I bookmarked it and this is my third visit. It just snapped, “WHY DON’T YOU PRINT ME ALREADY?”…so I won’t be dropping by again.

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