Are you there, vodka? It’s me, Maverick.

In keeping my new year’s resolution of more delicious beverage projects, allow me to introduce Maverick Vodka.

Yep, a vodka of their very own.

Those Maverick Southern Kitchens folks believe in taking the time to do things right. So, together with  with Charleston-based Terressentia, they’re developing a selection of handcrafted, competitively priced spirits.

It seems only right that the delicious things Maverick puts on your plate should have a smooth, crisp, happy companion in your glass.

Blue Ion pals Katie, Nicola, Robert, Woody and I had a blast bringing the Maverick man to life, making him the officially un-official spokesman of their tasty new vodka.

P.S. February is vodka month and in celebration, all Maverick locations will be serving up new vodka cocktails for just $4 all month long. I suggest you start your training now.


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