Take me to Homestead Preserve

I’ve written for a lot of luxury real estate that I’ve never actually seen in person. This is another one of those times.

Believe me, it’s not by choice. Though my profession often dictates that I must find a way to dig in and get to know some place, some thing, someone in order to write effectively about it, my “discovery and research” trips are much too few and far between.

So, I rely on stories from those who have experienced it firsthand. I rely on my own extensive research and my own audits of previous websites or marketing materials that for one reason or another, have not revealed the essence of what makes a place unique.

Fortunately, I had the great fortune to work with two great clients on the project I’m about to describe: Blue Ion and The Homestead Preserve.

Several of my Blue Ion comrades did, in fact, have the opportunity to visit The Homestead Preserve, and I relied heavily on their experiences, copious notes and stories for inspiration. The Homestead Preserve folks also sent along a variety of marketing materials including one of the best “brand books” I’ve ever come across, a beautifully written, insightful piece about the incredible Bath County, Virginia country that Homestead Preserve calls home.

By definition, Homestead Preserve is a stunningly beautiful, vibrant community in Bath County, Virginia, nestled near the renowned Homestead Resort. Rambling across some 11,500 acres, Homestead Preserve is, at its core, committed to protecting the beauty of which it is part. To that end, a little more than 9,000 of their 11,500 acres are forever entrusted to The Nature Conservancy. And, we’re talking some incredibly lovely homes, all painstakingly and mindfully considered, from how they’re sited to architectural style to eco-friendly elements.

With the help of Blue Ion and The Homestead Preserve team, we’ve helped reveal all the incredible things about this community in compelling, user-friendly, strategic style. Take a look.

Oh, and if you’re planning a trip there, give a girl a buzz.




2 thoughts on “Take me to Homestead Preserve

  1. Remind me next time you are feeling down to share with you my photos and stories of the Homestead…

    in particular, the one where on the day of horseback riding, everyone got their horses and they were short one…so they put me on a pony named Angel because “your legs aren’t quite as long as the rest of the adults riding today” .

    The photo is quite amusing.

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