ADDY Awards: Sweet 16

Well, kids, 2010 turned out to be chock full o’ great work and fun. I’m nearly giddy to share that 16 projects (4 golds, 8 silvers and 4 bronzes) I wrote for brought home awards at last Friday’s ADDY Awards celebration at The Charleston Rifle Club.

Many, many thanks and congratulations to all of my favorite people and clients. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help you all tell such amazing stories.




I cannot let this post end without thanking the Charleston Ad Fed crew who put together a fantastic evening. Where else can “best of” winners bring home a stuffed deer head, I ask you? And really, any opportunity for Gil Shuler to get in a bear suit is a win-win for me. (Yes, even when he attacks.) See tomfoolery below.

When Gil attacks.
They’re very tame when they’re stuffed and mounted.


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