What it means to be Maverick

In the never-ending quest to reveal what’s special about brands and people, I happily announce the launch of  Maverick Southern Kitchens, which includes High Cotton Charleston, High Cotton Greenville, Slightly North of Broad, Old Village Post House and Charleston Cooks! Last summer, friends at Blue Ion invited me to join in on interviews with their team and tours of the properties as a way to define what it means to be Maverick and how to share their energy with the world.

There were lots of incredible discoveries about this project and process. Like sitting in a room with Executive Chef Frank Lee, listening to him describe his own family dinners and his mission to “bring back the civility of the dinner table.” Or President/Founder Dick Elliot’s attention to detail and love of the word as we crafted the story of each property.

msk manifesto

So many people put so much work into these sites and the accompanying materials: the entire Blue Ion team, especially Nicola, Katie, Robert, Woody, Brian and Craig, photographer Brennan Wesley, Mr. E., Elizabeth VanDerwerker, Chef Lee, Patrick Emerson and the whole Maverick team who took time to share their stories and passion for what they do with us.

high cotton

The best thing we can do for brands and people is to give them the tools and opportunity to share their love of what and why they do what they do. To that end, we shifted Maverick’s focus from momentary interruptions to ongoing conversations and sharing. Not just because it’s inherent in them, but because there’s nothing more compelling than the stories of the food, purveyors, guests and staff who make magic happen daily.

Who is Maverick Southern Kitchens?

We’re a passionate band of chefs, food lovers, wine enthusiasts, farmers, fishermen, hosts and servers dedicated to sharing distinctive, unforgettable culinary experiences that celebrate Southern hospitality.

With an abundance of fresh, local ingredients, an abiding respect for our culinary heritage and a generous helping of hospitality, we can’t help but share it. The truth is, we believe we’re all at our best when we’re breaking bread together, passing plates, sharing recipes and raising glasses. And there’s always room for more at the table.

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 2.25.53 PM

Taste the rest of the delicious story here.


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