The Funniness of Others: Chapter 1

I’ve made the executive decision to start sharing the hilarious things my friends/family/colleagues/clients say. Or, in some cases, the funny stuff I overhear. So, let it be known, if you make me laugh, you may just end up with a starring role in my new series, The Funniness of Others.

Editor’s Note: accidentally-on-purpose falls always make me laugh. Thank you and good day.

Katie, on her eating habits.

” I realized I don’t really eat. I sort of snack all day. I eat like I’m camping, like protein bars and beans from a can. Or, I eat like a divorced man from the 1950s. Like the other night? I ate three pieces of wheat toast with pesto on them. What is that?”

Joan, on one very short date.

“…But when she showed up in a purple Camaro…well, let’s just say it was over before it started.”

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