Going bold with Moody International

When you think of accountants, the word “bold” doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. (Apologies to bold accountants everywhere.)

However, in the case of Mount Pleasant-based CPA and Recovery Audit Specialists, Moody International, bold fits. First of all, they boldly asked for a site that “didn’t look like every other accounting firm site. ” And, in addition to developing their own line of custom, fully-automated accounting software, the Moody team is driven by the simple premise that we all work hard for our money, and it’s up to them to help us keep more of it.

As a hardworking writer, that’s a bold notion I can believe in. Here’s a bit of the copy I wrote:

“When it comes to helping clients, we’re tenacious, precise and proactive. We’re not content to simply reveal run-of-the-mill accounting discrepancies. Rather, we’ve built our team in a way that challenges them to dig deeper into your data to discover hidden, more meaningful recoveries. Which means more money in your pocket – and big smiles on our overachieving team’s faces.”

Many thanks to the Blue Ion team for their gorgeous design. Special shout outs to Woody, Nicola, Shannon Wood for her beautiful, spot-on illustrations and the supremely talented Craig Anthony.

Bolding going where no CPA firm has gone before.

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