February blog challenge

My dear friend Amanda laid down the blog-shaped gauntlet to Ami, Monica, and me on Twitter: a post a day for the month of February.

Spoiler alert, I’ve already blown it.

I fell asleep last night after a long day and a delicious taco with side of laughter at Taco Spot with my pal Becca before I had the chance to post. However, I believe in quick, decisive redemption and will slip in an extra post on March 1. Problem solved.

This blog post challenge, inspired by NaBloPoMo, even has a theme: relative. Ahem, commence post now.

Although I don’t think they ever voiced it aloud, my parents taught me by example to treat my friends like family. Maybe my parents developed such strong friendships because they were so far from each of their extended families. Maybe they were simply fortunate to find such wonderful characters and souls with which to surround us and themselves. Whatever the reason, I’m grateful, and as such, have lived my life in much the same way, with an indispensable group of friends who entertain, challenge, accept, love, and (nearly) keep me sane.

Today, I introduce you to Becca: she of the brilliantly penned line, the raised eyebrow, always quick to laugh. I love your face! (and you know, everything else) I give you several scenes from our friendly escapades.

Gin grins.


Slightly prom-y. Slightly scandalous.


Black tie, with moustaches.


Let's get physical, physical.


5 responses to “February blog challenge”

  1. Becca is pretty swell indeed!

  2. Haha! I’m looking forward to this!!

  3. Love it! Y’all are so cute!

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