Day 8: Sibling Music Ed

This entry is part of a post-a-day-month-long-blogging-blood-pact (I keep saying that. I mean, challenge.) with my pals Amanda Hollinger, Monica Wyche, and Ami Worthen.

My older brother and sister are as integral to my musical education and memory as my parents. In fact, it’s not a leap to suggest that much of my personality was formed by my early musical influences courtesy of my siblings. Which might explain a lot.

My brother, 12 years older than I, bought me my first three albums: The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, The Dobbie Brothers The Captain and Me, and The Doors album. These are the songs that remain strongest in my memory:

Did I mention my brother also bought me my first 45? And it was this. I’m serious. As the youngest child, my parents were perhaps a little more “hands off” with me.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the hallway, my sister, 5 years older than I, gave me a slightly different musical education. Also, she liked to feather my hair. What?

Seriously, can you even stand Dennis DeYoung’s moustache here? Is he some kind of bartender?

I loved Barry Gibb. My childhood was filled with crushes on moustached men. It’s inexplicable.

Author’s note: my sister made me sing this song in front of my parents, aunt and uncle when I was 6. Have I mentioned how shy I was as a child? But really. Debby Boone?

Stay tuned. The musical melee has only just begun. Oh wait, that’s The Carpenters.


6 responses to “Day 8: Sibling Music Ed”

  1. Ha…I still listen to Pink Floyd when I go to the gym…you appear to have had a full musical education. 🙂

    1. Thanks, it was certainly an eclectic education!

    2. Eccelctic yes, but FABTASTIC! I LOVE the guitar player in this Pat Benatar video…may the good parts of the 80’s live long and prosper. And I still have immediate crushes on moustachioed men, especially if the stache is way beyond reasonable and waxed into curlicues. 😉

      1. Thanks, Jen! Wasn’t Neal Giraldo dreamy? I mean, for a non-moustached man and all.

  2. Now, that’s some fabulous music! Makes me want to have a tasty beverage (makers and dr. p) and do a little number on the dance floor.

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