Day 19: College Tunes

If you’ve been following along, this post is part of a (nearly) once-a-day-month-long-blogging-brouhaha with my pals Amanda Hollinger, Monica Wyche, and Ami Worthen.

I’ve been slogging through a chest cold this week, and it’s left me feeling tired, none too talkative and rather uninspired. Aren’t you glad you tuned in?

Never fear, I will let the music do the talking.

Join me, if you will, for a short stroll through some memorable tunes from the college days.

Please note that I first heard all of the songs mentioned below on tape. Yes, tape. Now please, fetch me my cane.

My friend Dawn and I didn’t know the actual title to this Jane’s Addiction number for months, so we naturally dubbed it, “The Dog Song.” We did a lot of rewinding and replaying of this one, most memorably in Dawn’s red convertible while procuring cinder blocks on which to place my bed.

I first heard The Sundays from my friend Carla, and I immediately fell in love with the sound of Harriet Wheeler’s voice. I did not rest until I saw them play live at Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey that summer. I keep waiting for a new album.

My friend and roommate, Kim, nearly got us killed by our fellow dorm dwellers by putting this ’90s classic on heavy rotation. OK, incessantly. But God, it’s good.

I am not what you would call a rocker chick, however, my friend Jane introduced me to a select few heavy metal songs during college I really enjoyed. Even this totally misogynistic one! Yipes. Still, the guitar riff at the end is solid gold.

Also, Jane endeared herself to me forever when she told me that one of her best concerts in her native Chicago was a triple bill: Raven, WASP, and Slayer. Insert horns here.

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