Happy moments from the not-so-distant past

The days have been long and wild and jam packed, but you, dear blog reader, deserve some love. Check out my assortment of great moments from the not-so-distant past.

A few recent project launches with my pals at Blue Ion.

The Blue Ion Guide to Mobile Marketing:

It's a mobile thing. Grab your smart phone.

The Huge Foundation:

I also had the honor and pleasure to speak at last week’s Pecha Kucha 13. Not only is Pecha Kucha super cool in its own right, but lucky #13 was an all-woman cast of speakers at none other than Ashley Hall. Major ups to emcee Sharon Graci who rocked it, even after accidentally huffing inhalants.

My only regret of the evening is that I didn’t gather together April Magill, Rebekah Jacob, Deborah Kaufman, Laura Addis, Lindsey Graham, Signe Pike, Hirona Matsuda, Olivia Poole, and Sarah O’Kelley for a photo op. I will say thanks to them all for the inspiration, laughter, and deep thoughts. It was a pleasure to be in your company, ladies.

Also, special thanks to writer/connection maven, Cheryl Smithem and my pal Anne Chandler for their support and willingness to accept gifts of alcohol. And, thanks to Becca for fashion consulting and smoky eye makeup.

The gin has been slung. Photo by Sara Dwyer.

Quick cut to St. Patty’s Day and hope yours was grand. Thanks again to my pal Anne for this ethereal shot of the Empire done up in green.

Empire State

One last moment. As I was driving along the Crosstown this weekend, I saw a very petite ballerina in a pink tutu skipping along the sidewalk on the overpass as her Mom followed closely behind. Twas joy itself.


4 thoughts on “Happy moments from the not-so-distant past

  1. Jenny, thanks for mentioning me and Hendricks in the same sentence of your PKN presentation. I am sorry I wasn’t there. Work called in Atlanta. Cheryl told me about it, and I felt awful for not being there. I am so glad you go to give a rocking presentation.

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