Scenes from my most recent adventures

It’s been fast and furious in the life of this writer lately, and I’m grateful to my clients for sharing their projects and energy with me. However, I’ve been a bit remiss with the blogging. To get back into the groove, I offer a few glimpses from my most recent adventures for your enjoyment/amusement.

Team building and bowling in Columbia:

We’re bowlers. We bowl.

Sunlit morning

Tree in morning light.

Courtney hosts and is guest of honor at the most elegant birthday dinner party ever.

Aaron Draplin takes over Charleston…well, Blue Ion at least…and offers some sage advice, laughs, and pure inspiration.

Aaron Draplin and a rabid fan (read: me)

3 responses to “Scenes from my most recent adventures”

  1. I covet that dress. COVET.

    1. I know! Totally fabulous and handed down from a fine Charleston lady. : )

      1. Yes, that look was so wonderfully late 1920s!

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