WorkSpaces, The Boulevard & Ms. Rose

My Blue Ion pals asked me to play along on a branding exercise and new website for WorkSpaces. In essence, WorkSpaces is total furniture, technology, product, and service provider helping businesses, institutions, and organizations achieve the highest quality furniture installations. But what makes them truly unique is their revolutionary approach to their work. I had the pleasure of articulating that approach for them, and it’s served both as a rallying cry internally and a key difference that set them apart from the competition.

Here’s one for the books: together with Blue Ion, Brennan Wesley and the good folks of the Charming Inns, we put together five, count ’em five, websites for their amazing family of Charleston properties. They are: Charming Inns, The John Rutledge House Inn, The Wentworth Mansion, Kings Courtyard Inn and Fulton Lane Inn. The copywriting covered everything from the brand manifestos and photo captions to staff recommendations and tips for pet-loving guests.

Click to read larger version.
Click to read larger version.

Click to read larger version.
Click to read larger version.

Crossing the bridge to Mount Pleasant, you’ll find The Boulevard, a mixed-use apartment and retail community on Coleman Boulevard. The Boulevard is going to be amazing for lots of reasons. It’s one of the first big projects for the Coleman Boulevard Revitalization Project; it’s close to downtown, the beach, shopping, and restaurants, and it’s an fill development, so it makes use of existing space rather than clearing new land. Take a peek. Big ups to the Blue Ion team for this one.

Photo by Blue Ion.

A few months back, my pal Gil Shuler asked me to help out with copy for Ms. Rose’s Fine Food & Cocktails. Located in the space that was previously Sunfire Grill & Bistro, Ms. Rose’s is owned by the Zucker family. In fact, the restaurant is named for and inspired by Anita Zucker’s Mom, Rose. I had the opportunity to interview Jonathan and Anita for the project and so enjoyed getting to know them and hearing them thoughts on and memories of Rose, who is, by their accounts, still cooking and still a character.

Gil and his team created an incredible logo, identity system, menus, cocktail napkins, uniforms, merch, you name it. Everything is beautiful, playful, slightly vintage and slightly modern and, as always, full of good vibes. Reggie Gibson and his team designed the space and turned what was a boring stretch of Sam Rittenberg Boulevard into one eye-catching, must-see venue.

Special thanks to Gil for this one. It was a sheer joy from start to finish. I loved meeting everyone and felt honored to help an amazing family share their love for one great lady. As you might imagine, the food and drinks are incredible. I don’t think Ms. Rose would have it any other way. Get there soon.

Click to read larger version.

Bad@ass identity system and photo courtesy of the mighty Gil Shuler Graphic Design.


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