Made from scratch – Greer Companies

Phil Greer, CEO and founder of the Greer Companies, grew up in an Eastern Kentucky mining town, became a University of Kentucky football star and then a celebrated high school coach and teacher. All that before he moved into community development, real estate, restaurants and hotels. You could say he’s a busy guy with an idea or two.

Together with Blue Ion, I had the pleasure of telling the Greer story through a brand manifesto and site copy. In its simplest terms, the story of Phil Greer is the story of his company: honor the place you call home: its people, its land and everything that makes it a place unlike any other, yours.

Here’s the site.


We grew up in American kitchens, on Main Streets and side streets, in front yards of blue grass, on porches, and local football fields. We come from hard working people who worked overtime, raised children, tended gardens, canned vegetables, fixed cars, and always made time for sunsets and neighbors.

We believe in giving people more than they can imagine – and everything we’ve got. So we only serve up the same quality, value, and respect we give our own families. It’s why you’ll only find fresh, delicious, homemade and handmade food in our restaurants. Why our hotels offer only warm hospitality, great service, and exceptional value. It’s why we take the time to listen, shake hands, and do more than people expect. It’s why we own everything we build – and why Kentucky will always be the place we call home.

Because we know that the things that matter don’t come in fancy packaging or far-away factories. They come from years spent doing right by people and their families. They come from our hearts, minds, and hands – and they’re always made from scratch.




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