Charleston Gourmet Burger Co.

I love Jay Fletcher for many reasons. He’s one of the most talented and prolific designers with whom I’ve ever had the good fortune to work. He’s funny, kind and makes the world better through design. And, he’s introduced me to some of my favorite people and clients. Enter Team Wilsondebriano.

Chevalo and Monique Wilsondebriano are incredibly warm, gracious people. They made me feel immediately at ease from the moment I met them. (Full disclosure: The fact that Chevalo is a Long Island native and Monique hails from my motherland, New Jersey, may add to my love for them.)

What you really need to know about this husband and wife team is that they turned their obsession into finding the perfect burger into making the perfect burger.

And they did it.

And it’s here in Charleston.

Their venture, Charleston Gourmet Burger Company, elevates the humble burger to legend status by keeping things simple and true. They use only locally-sourced, fresh-ground meat and their very own homemade marinade. Then they cook it to sizzling, juicy perfection and slip it into a tasty bun. Like so.

And it’s magic.

Delicious magic.

In addition to helping Monique and Chevalo tell their story (tagline and web copy), I had the pleasure of watching Jay Fletcher rock out the design and see Gregg at Limelight Custom Sign Co. whip up some incredibly original signage and be awed by Leapfrog PR as they shared the Charleston Burger Co. story with the world (I’m talking press and TV gigs, y’all!). Thanks to everyone for making this such a special project.


Check out the site for sure, and please, do yourself a solid and go get a burger, like now.





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