Kettle Cuisine

Helping clients share what they care most about is one of the most gratifying parts of what I do. And the folks at Kettle Cuisine care a lot. These hardworking, passionate folks handcraft small batch, all natural soups from scratch for restaurants, foodservice operators and grocery retailers. Not only do they source the best ingredients from an incredible array of purveyors, they also make soup in a way that no one else is, unless we’re including your Grandma or Mom. Which is to say they make soup the way you’d make it…that is if you had hours to make stock, gathered the very best ingredients you could find, and treated each ingredient like it was your favorite child. Are we clear? These people mean it.

My Blue Ion pals, photographer Brennan Wesley, and I had the pleasure of venturing to Boston to watch this incredible team in action. In addition to eating some of the best soup we’ve ever had, we had the incredible opportunity to share all of their wonderful sights, smells, and stories through a new website, marketing materials and a tradeshow booth. Shout outs to Woody, Robert, Rich, Zach, Ben, Brian and Brennan for what is a truly stunning, high performance site and body of work.

The icing on the cake? I mean, the dollop of sour cream on the soup? The Kettle Cuisine team and the talented folks at Windy Films transformed the manifesto I’d written into a beautiful video piece, starring the people who make the delicious magic happen, every day.

kettle cuisine home

kettle cuisine our story



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