Jenny Badman is a passionate, experienced copywriter, strategist, and creative director helping clients across an array of industries tell their stories. Generous listening, curiosity, and collaboration with designers, developers, marketers, filmmakers, and characters inspire and move her.

She writes with attention to detail, sensory experience, and emotion –  everything from strategic brand copy, editorial, poetry, plays, and prose to print projects, short-and-long-form storytelling, digital campaigns, websites, scripts, and speeches. She continually finds people, places, and nature far richer than words will allow, but she never stops trying.

Rants, a book of poetry, was published in 2001. Together with a director/actor and a posse of talented actors/friends, she co-produced a play based on the book for Charleston’s Piccolo Spoleto Festival in 2012.

This is what author/poet Richard Peabody had to say about Rants…and Jenny:

“If I locked you in a room with Jenny Badman you would: a) understand the English sport of cricket; b) realize that Britney, Mandy, et al., are Tiffany and Debbie Gibson redux; c) fight the urge to pour crème de menthe on your skin; d) get down on all fours and bark like the dog that you are. If I locked you in a room with Jenny Badman’s book of poems you would: a) lock all of your daughters in a convent; b) ingest vast quantities of French toast; c) say 1,000 Hail Marys and whip yourself senseless with brambles; d) quit your boring job and move to Bali. If I locked you in a room where Jenny Badman was performing her poems you would: buy copies of this book and become her disciples, spreading the words of J. Bad girl to far corners of the globe.”

Here’s how friend/fellow writer Amanda Hollinger described her:

“A Jersey girl who can craft an ad that would make you want to buy a jar of expired mayo, she also has the heart of a poet. Think Don Draper meets Emily Dickinson.”

Jenny was born and bred in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey (exit number upon request). This means she knows how to procure a great bagel, a delicious slice, and the locations of at least three late night diners within a 10-mile radius. While she has spent more time than she cares to admit in traffic on the Turnpike or the Parkway, she also knows the beauty of the Garden State in her bones, from the rolling, verdant hills to that perfect stretch of sand and sea at the end of an old beach road.

She currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina, home to stunning architecture, lilting accents and humidity that’s akin to being wrapped in a hot, wet blanket. Luckily, there is also bourbon and sweet tea. She arrived in Charleston in 2003 in a tiny car jam-packed with most of her worldly possessions. Charleston is a place unlike any other. Being here is a wholly visceral experience. One of the most intense and lovely sensory overloads she’s ever had. Which makes it a constantly inspiring and surprising place.

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