“Jenny is an invaluable part of any creative team. Her words and ideas lend elements of inspiration and intuition to any project. Collaborating on projects with Jenny made my work as a Designer much, much easier.” -Bill Blair, designer

“Jenny has the uncanny ability to drill right down to the heartbeat of whatever she’s working on, and she does it with a keenness typically reserved for scholars, diplomats, scientists. And once she’s discovered that unique thing making the ol’ ticker tick, she will tell you about it in the most beautiful, most compelling, most engaging way. She’s a rare talent… hardworking, dedicated, creative, and always willing to try the untried.” -Katherine Verano, Associate Marketing Director, Christophe Harbour

“Working with Jenny was a wonderful and entirely pleasurable experience from start to finish. I wish we could do it some more! I found her to be incredibly sharp in thinking and writing on her feet (if I can bend that expression), she was a great producer and was able to very quickly understand the story that we wanted to tell in each location / scenario. Oh, writing this has made me miss our collaborations even more – move back up North, okay? Really, I can’t recommend her highly enough and if you’re reading this, you probably have also gotten that feeling from your initial meetings with her. I don’t know anyone who would tell you otherwise.” Jennifer Cox, owner moto films, llc

“I had the pleasure to work with Jenny on every aspect of marketing for five luxury residential development projects in a high energy environment. Besides being a joy to work with, Jenny is a talented take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits of the project. She was the head copywriter on award winning projects. It didn’t matter if Jenny was working on a video, brochure or invitation, she put an amazing amount of thought and energy to every project she worked on resulting in increased revenue and new sales. I would recommend Jenny anytime.” -Sharon Bruner, Realtor, Marketing Strategist

I also do a nice soft shoe number and am swell at parties.

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