An agency story

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See this woman? Do not be fooled by her seemingly cool, calm exterior.

Do not be mislead by her petite stature.

Do not be mislead by her friendly Midwestern demeanor.

They call her Bruner.

Because she will cut you.

I mean that more in the figurative sense than the literal sense, but I’d suggest you not push your luck to be on the safe side.

In point of fact, this woman is one of the sharpest, most creative and strategic minds I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. In point of fact, when this woman interviewed me for a writer position for an incredible little Charleston-based agency back in 2004, she dropped the F-bomb during our conversation and quickly apologized. Little did she know, I was forever bound to her in that moment. (Do not underestimate my love and admiration for a perfectly-placed and timed cuss.)

Please note: this woman, who is not ever to be trifled with, is among my favorite people for more reasons than I can name, not the least of which is that she hired an amazing assortment of creative minds. Under her direction and through her love of the craft, we had the opportunity to create some truly amazing, award-winning, money-making work.

It also bears mentioning that she throws incredible parties, is indispensable in times of crisis, is gracious, graceful, whip smart, and carries a sense of beauty and humor in everything she does.

She is responsible for bringing together this beautifully, insanely creative cast of characters.

It was Halloween. We didn't regularly dress like this.

Years later, we have all moved on to different experiences, jobs, cities, coworkers, Halloween outfits. But the truth is, gather any of us back together and we will say that we’ve never since worked in an environment quite like the one that sassy lady above built.

So, thank you, Bruner. It was a gift, a blast, a learning experience, and a novel still to be written.

Credit: Jennifer G. Hitchcock