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Family Circle Cup & friends


One of the many amazing things about Charleston is that every year, we play host to the Family Circle Cup, the largest women’s tennis tournament in the world. Each April, more than 100,000 tennis fans make their way to Charleston to see 70+ of the world’s greatest athletes do what they do best: volley, rally and smash into our lives in the most exciting way.

My friends at Obviouslee Marketing invited the super-talented Jay Fletcher and I to brainstorm concepts that highlight the beautiful harmony between one of the world’s greatest tennis tournaments and the Holy City it calls home.

Courtesy of J. Fletcher Design

Courtesy of J. Fletcher Design

Courtesy of J. Fletcher Design

Courtesy of J. Fletcher Design

Courtesy of J. Fletcher Design

Courtesy of J. Fletcher Design


The story of you


Some of the most fun I have as a writer is helping clients share the story of who they are and what they do. Fortunately, I usually work with folks who eschew the traditional bio/about us/what we do format: i.e. Felix graduated summa cum laude from Pretentious University and…snore. No and no, Felix. Here’s a look at some of my recent faves.

Jay Fletcher is a mega-talented designer, and I’ve had the good fortune to work with him on a bunch of fun projects. I love Jay’s aesthetic, sense of humor and pragmatic approach to work and life. He recently redesigned his website and asked me to write his bio. As usual, he added both life and a design narrative to the words, and I’m so grateful to have been part of the process.

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 5.18.43 PM

Click to read larger version.

Although this didn’t make it into the final design, I feel strongly that this is also an apt description of Jay:

Jay Fletcher designs, digs deep, asks difficult but engaging questions, makes beautiful and compelling designed things, laughs in all the right places, cuts a rug from time to time, multitasks, handles it, remembers the punch line when you forget it, rides his bike to the coffee shop, is friends with writers, pets friendly stray dogs, recommends a beach honeymoon, flosses daily, and calls his Mom on the regular.

Lee Deas Brown is the Principal and Grand Imaginator of Obviouslee Marketing. I liked her immediately upon meeting her, and my adoration for her has been escalating ever since. Lee and her crew asked me to lend a hand as they put together their new website and marketing materials. Because they are so awesome in their own right, I mostly just nodded, laughed and applauded. I remember Lee asking me if I thought the “OM Way” part of the website, wherein they use normally negative words to describe what they do in a funny, positive way was “too much.” I said, “Bring it!” and added a few touches here and there. Here’s a fun one:

Heather Barrie is the Founder/Owner of Gathering Floral + Event Design. I met Heather a few years back when I was working on a project for her dear friend and creative soul mate, Kristin Newman. Heather is one of those people that exudes calm and grace. I feel like I could go completely to pieces in her presence, and she would gently and compassionately help me find my way out of it. Not that I would ever do this, Heather. Promise. I suppose that’s part of what makes her an amazing event and floral designer: calm in the face of chaos.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Heather and Mary Ruth to learn why and how they came to be in the business of gatherings. Those conversations and Heather’s vision produced a storyline: about us, what you see, what you don’t, Heather Barrie and Mary Ruth Tribble that is uniquely and only them.

Click to read larger version.

Click to read larger version.

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 5.21.59 PM

Click to read larger version.

Here’s Heather’s bio:

Perhaps it took root in my Mom’s garden or stirring pots in our kitchen – or maybe it was built within me, alongside my Dad as he crafted something out of nothing, me handing him nails, one by one. Perhaps it was during time spent in Europe; rapt by art, architecture,wandering the streets, the plants, flowers and flavors unlike anything I’d ever yet experienced. Maybe still, it came into being here in the Lowcountry amid the lush marshscapes, the changing light, the way one color bleeds into the next.  The “it” being the restless soul always open to a new adventure, craving beauty, & creative pursuits.

I came of age in hospitality – from bed and breakfasts with my first floral arrangements on breakfast trays to restaurants, catering, and selling wine until my small floral side gig became the gig. The truth is, every place I’ve ever been and every moment of my past are the inspiration for why I do what I do each day – and I love that tomorrow always brings something exciting and new.

And Mary Ruth’s:

I love how design moves and changes – my work is my avenue for creative expression. I’ve been creating, painting, glue-ing, building, and imagining since school days spent lost in the craft corner. What started out as school projects has evolved into friends’ birthdays, living spaces, accessories, and event, furniture, fabric, and lighting design.

Today, within minutes of entering a space, my mind races, creating ways to make our clients’ vision and expectations reach their full potential. In a day’s work, not only can I transform a space, I have successfully gone from running around in trendy sneakers and an apron, to throwing on a black dress and pretty high heels. If you are looking for me, don’t be surprised to find me on the top rung of a ladder, backing down an alley in a 26-foot truck, directing a ceremony or bustling a wedding gown.

Annie Byrd Hamnett, owner/founder of Byrdhouse Public Relations is a gem. She’s kind, warm and gracious, and if you don’t already know her, seek her out. Annie and I have worked together on several projects, and she’s always receptive and wonderful. While working with the fabulous ladies of Stitch on her new website, Annie asked me to write her bio. I jumped at the chance to share all the things that make Annie both a great professional and person with the world.

Annie Byrd Hamnett grew up among the abundant beauty of North Carolina’s pristine beaches—and its Blue Ridge mountains. Her early days spent helping her grandparents at their Christmas tree farm in Spruce Pine, harvesting potatoes, exploring the woods, and shelling beans on the porch instilled in her an abiding love of nature and open spaces—and a lifelong curiosity about and deep connection to the things that matter, like family, food, and travel.

True to her roots, Annie earned her degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—then hit the road in search of adventure. A stint in San Francisco, a study abroad in Italy, cooking school in France, a honeymoon in Bora Bora, a safari in South Africa, and her home near the beach in Charleston serve as inspiration and confirmation that the things she loved most could also be her life’s work.

Annie’s clients are her friends—people whose work and craft she admires, believes in, and wants to share with the world. Her expertise is evident in the way she mindfully and strategically shares all that she loves about her clients with the right people, in the right places, at the right moment. Her mix of creative, thoughtful communication and business acumen has earned her clients the praise, press, and respect she always wanted for them.

In her down time, Annie loves being with her husband, Matt and their growing family: Matthew (1 ½), a baby girl on the way, and crazy coonhounds, Birdie and Stella.

Bottles, Patriots Point & Newberry College


Happy Halloween, pumpkins!

Some new treats to share with you on this brisk, overcast day of candy consumption.

Photo courtesy of Gregg Pavone & Bottles.

How about Bottles, Mt. Pleasant’s newest beer, wine and spirits market? Friends at Obviouslee Marketing asked me to help develop the brand story and ad concepts for this new locally-owned beverage destination, and it was a blast. Of course, it always helps to have amazing architectural design (David Thompson), graphic design (Jay Fletcher) and amazing signage (Limelight Sign Co.) to inspire you. The grand opening is today, so stop in and stock up on your favorite pumpkin ale, or put a little “boo” in your bourbon.

Photo courtesy of Obviouslee Marketing.

Here is some of the branding copy I wrote:

Bottles is a wine, beer and spirits market offering an array of affordable, highly-rated wines; a unique assortment of domestic, imported and craft beers, and a superior spirits selection in one convenient, comfortable space. At our tasting bar, customers can sample new and featured wines, beers and spirits and mingle with the friendly, knowledgeable Bottles team. Ever ready to assist customers of all tastes and experience levels, from the merely curious and thirsty to the enthusiast to the serious connoisseur, the Bottles team is happiest helping people discover something new or dig deeper into what they love. The result is a relaxed, fun, interactive experience.

We’re devoted to our customer’s enjoyment of wine, beer and spirits – and most importantly, of life: the adventure of new tastes and experiences and the gathering of friends, family and neighbors.

Bottles. Open up.

In what may be a new web design record, Blue Ion re-imagined the Patriots Point website to reflect its awe-inspiring effects on the kid in all of us. I had the opportunity to develop a new brand story and craft headlines for the new site. Amazing work by Josh, Mike, Woody, Robert and Brian to make it all happen beautifully…in record time!

Make a right turn into academia with me, and you’ll find yourself at Newberry College, a private, liberal arts college in Newberry, South Carolina. Together with the talented minds of Cyberwoven, I helped craft a brand story, messaging and student vignettes that were used for both the web and a recruiting print piece. Special props to Micah, Katie, Krystal, Lisa and Russ.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 3.59.43 PM

Click to read larger version.


Nifty infographics.


Peaches, porches, wine & world domination

August 17, 2011


As summer flies by in a hot blur, I thought I’d take a moment to share some new work I’ve helped with as well as some inspirational work from some of my favorite creative people.

I’m working with Blue Ion on a full site for Kiawah Fine Jewelry. In the meantime, enjoy some peaches and gleam on the temporary site.

A while back, the uber talented Jay Fletcher asked me to write copy for Poogan’s Porch, the quintessential Charleston restaurant/legend. Jay created a fresh, new identity for Poogan’s that retained the lived in, comforting feel of the original and brought it to life through print, web (with the help of Dwarf Dog Chuck) and some of the coolest reclaimed floorboard signage around (props to Limelight Sign Co.). Congrats to all.

And finally, damn fine inspiration from those Fuzzco folks:

wine that talks! courtesy of Fuzzco.

Frank and Lane: AKA Tara Guerard’s world domination. Courtesy of Fuzzco.

And one final, final note: a heartfelt, hilarious tweet:

A porch named Poogan


Super designer and pal Jay Fletcher (He also makes great pies!) hit me up a while back to help with a project for the folks of Poogan’s Porch. Named for the lovable neighborhood dog that made the establishment’s front porch his home, Poogan’s Porch is one of Charleston’s most celebrated culinary haunts, serving up homemade Southern favorites since 1976. Jay crafted an incredible new identity and rack card that speaks to the restaurant’s vintage vibe and rich history while artfully blending in modern elements and the dog that started it all. I had the opportunity to write copy. Thanks, Jay. It was another pleasure!

A bit of the copy I wrote:

We believe in conversations on porches, Sunday brunch, old Southern dogs, ghosts, seersucker, biscuits, homemade and handmade, sweet tea, handwritten recipes, friends old and new, great stories, gracious hospitality and our Moms. Not necessarily in that order.

Whip Smart: assume the position

January 5, 2010


Hi, it’s me, Jenny. Whip Smart is me, if I may be so bold (and I will). For the record, Whip Smart is also a fantastic album by Liz Phair.

Anywho, let’s jump right into a recent project, shall we?

A new, mixed-development in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA

My pals at Blue Ion invited illustrator Jay Fletcher and me to play on this one. Newbury is a groundbreaking, new, mixed-use development in the South Hills suburb of Pittsburgh. Neighborhoods of tree-lined streets, energy-efficient homes with big backyards and front porches are just a walk away from the new town center where folks can dine, shop and even work. Not only is Newbury creating a viable and vibrant town center for the South Hills area, it’s also a revitalization project of incredible scale and commitment.

It’s always a challenge for me to create a voice, copy and energy for a place that doesn’t yet exist. What I love is doing the research: talking to the passionate and knowledgeable folks who make this work their life. And, of course digging into the land and culture of a place.Props to Jay’s super-stylie illustrations that kick off the site and of course, the B.I. team. Extra gold stars to Craig who brought Jay’s illustrations to life through the magic of the parallax effect.

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