I celebrated my own birthday as well as the U.S.’s this weekend. (As my friend said, “America, what a great idea.”) Much fun. Friends as both presents and presence. Swimming in the river. Singing Stevie Nicks while boating. What, you don’t? Sipping bubbles. Corn on the cob. Paintings of my couch. Chocolate cake. Rum drinks outside. Less than molten temps in Charleston. Weekend perfection. Also, this…a recent inundation of vintage photos appearing on Facebook. Methinks it is due, in part, to my fast approaching 20th high school reunion. Whatever the case, take a peek.

Red couch interpreted. Acrylics, 2010.
Generic (black + white) dance, white man's overbite, circa 1990.
Brother, first row, #32. Dad, third row, right end.