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Kristin Newman Designs


Kristin Newman Designs crafts unforgettable weddings and celebrations that endure in both head and heart. This iteration of their website maintains that undeniable KND style: clean, beautiful, modern meets classic, feminine. I had the opportunity to spend time with both Kristin and Reagan in the space they share with Heather Barrie and Mary Ruth Trimble of gathering: events + floral design.

Photo by Tim Zielenbach

Let me just say: the Barrie Newman Building is gorgeous and indeed the source from which a creative energy unlike any other flows. I mean, Kristin has a chandelier above her desk, ok? It’s incredible.

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 2.41.45 PM

Click to read larger version.


Do enjoy the gorgeous Blue Ion design. Special props to Craig’s amazing design, Brian’s tight programming and Nicola’s sleek, stylish KND blog design.

Here’s a taste of the copy I wrote:

At Kristin Newman Designs, your experience begins the moment you first engage us – by email, phone or in-person. So, from the beginning, you’ll be immersed in a fun, warm, chic, celebratory environment where you can be yourself. The relationship we begin in the comfort and pleasure of that environment – over the course of convivial conversations and gatherings, is the reason we do what we do. It’s within those moments that you reveal to us, your essence. It’s that essence which serves as our inspiration for crafting truly original, bespoke events: an expression and experience of what matters most to you.

Now. Can someone please hire KND for a shindig…and include me on the guest list? Thanks.


Love and marriage

February 19, 2010


Around this time last year, I had the opportunity to write copy for the website of one of Charleston’s best wedding designers, Kristin Newman. To be in Kristin’s presence is to begin to know a woman with an exquisite eye for design, who has the skills to understand a bride’s vision and the keen ability to breathe life and energy into it until it exceeds one’s imagined idea. That is just part of what makes her exceptional.

Hello, Newman...

Blue Ion crafted a site that is both minimalist and striking, elegant and simple. Beautiful imagery by Brennan Wesley and Tim Zielenbach (among others). Copy by me.


All of this wedding business has me thinking. What does it all mean?

The dress. The design. In-laws. Church. Synagogue. Indoor. Outdoor. Elk’s Lodge or historic villa. So much brouhaha over one day when perhaps, the celebration should come somewhere in the middle.

I just finished reading The Maytrees, a lyrical and beautiful novel by Annie Dillard. It’s the story of a marriage, among other things. This passage especially moved me and seems to somehow convey why we go to such lengths for love.

“Falling in love, like having a baby, rubs against the main current of our lives; separation, loss, and death. That is the joy of them.”

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