Read label. Drink wine. Repeat as needed.

About 95% of the work I do is for the web, and I love it. But, as a writer and lover of books and words on paper, print projects hold a special in my heart. Perhaps even more exciting are the opportunities when I get to help create something that exists out there in the world. Product, people, product!

My talented Blue Ion friends called on me a while back to help with the renaming, new identity, and website for a Napa Valley winery. The new identity included new labels for the wine bottles, and I was psyched. Remember, I’m a reader and a writer, which means I’m also one of those people who actually reads packaging, labels, invoices, etc. Let me just say: a little humanity or humor on any of the aforementioned pieces can make a huge difference in the customer experience. Promise.

The larger website for Mira Winery  is still in development, but friends, the wine bottles have arrived! And I could not be more jazzed with the results. Major kudos to the Blue Ion team (shout outs to Katie, Josh, David and Robert) for the beautiful design, and stay tuned for the website awesomeness to come. Here then, is the back label of Mira Chardonnay.


Truth in investing & STDs!

There has been much writing in this sultry summer thus far, and it shows no signs of letting up. Thanks to my amazing clients who keep my fingers flying across the keyboard and happily pondering this incredible diversity of subjects.

This is Questis, a team of financial advisors that are bucking the financial advisor stereotype by offering these novel ideas: truth, ease, and lower fees! Check out the super-fun teaser site that my friends at Little Highrise designed, and stay tuned as there’s much more to come.

And friends, let me offer you this piece of advice. If Gil Shuler ever asks you to help him out on a project, say YES! I have long professed my love of Gil Shuler Graphic Design, and my love was recently elevated to a new level when Gil called to ask me to help out with some syphilis prevention posters. Yes, really.

Turns out syphilis is running rampant on local Charleston campuses. (EGAD!) As usual, Gil came up with an amazing (and hilarious) concept, and I had the pleasure of writing some copy. The kicker to this project? The email Gil sent with the two posters: subject line: syphilis. I will let you guess how interesting my email ads were for the next several weeks. Get the facts, y’all!

Image courtesy of GSGD.
Image courtesy of GSGD.

A porch named Poogan

Super designer and pal Jay Fletcher (He also makes great pies!) hit me up a while back to help with a project for the folks of Poogan’s Porch. Named for the lovable neighborhood dog that made the establishment’s front porch his home, Poogan’s Porch is one of Charleston’s most celebrated culinary haunts, serving up homemade Southern favorites since 1976. Jay crafted an incredible new identity and rack card that speaks to the restaurant’s vintage vibe and rich history while artfully blending in modern elements and the dog that started it all. I had the opportunity to write copy. Thanks, Jay. It was another pleasure!

A bit of the copy I wrote:

We believe in conversations on porches, Sunday brunch, old Southern dogs, ghosts, seersucker, biscuits, homemade and handmade, sweet tea, handwritten recipes, friends old and new, great stories, gracious hospitality and our Moms. Not necessarily in that order.


Did you choose to be tall?

Building off the momentum of the AFFA billboard we created with Gil Shuler Graphic Design, I’m proud to launch the video below. Extra special thanks to Liz Oakley and Ed Bates at IVS Video, Jessica Mickey and Channing Proctor for their time and talents.


Blue Moon Hotel

Those sassy Stitch ladies invited me to play along on a not-so-rack-card project for another Miami icon, The Blue Moon Hotel. Our client, Jason Rose of Ventana Hotels & Resorts, provided great direction and all the right details to help us craft a piece that will entice discerning travelers to this historic and hip Miami gem. Check out more details from Stitch.

While I’m at it, I’ll share one of my favorite renditions of the song of the same name by the Cowboy Junkies.


When in Miami, Winter Haven.

Amy Pastre and Courtney Rowson, AKA Stitch Design Co. came to me a while back with an opportunity to write copy for two Miami hotel projects.  Um, YES and YES!

In addition to creating a spot-on new identity for the Winter Haven Hotel, Courtney and Amy decided to turn the standard hotel rack card into something quite special.

Armed with beautiful photography (including some amazing Holga shots) and a slamming new identity, the ladies of Stitch and I partnered with Jason Rose of Ventana Hotels to create a piece for Winter Haven that makes even the most jaded travel agents and trip planners drool…just a little.


High Cotton gets fresh

Been working with pals at Blue Ion on some fantastically fun projects for Maverick Southern Kitchens, the passionate folks behind High Cotton, Slight North of Broad, Old Village Post House, Charleston Cooks, High Hammock and High Cotton Greenville. Our goal for all the projects is simple: share the goodness that’s inherent: the amazing food, talented staff and warm hospitality. Check out an upcoming print ad we produced. Props and thanks to Woody, Josh, Nicola and Robert.


25 is the new 55.

Working with the one and only Gil Shuler on some ads for Current Electric Vehicles. You may remember that I wrote copy for their website with Blue Ion a while back. The full design in still in development, but here’s some copy to peruse. These amazing electric vehicles max out at 25 mph and cost only $10 a month to run. Which, when you think about it, blows that tired 55 away.

Seriously, what’s your hurry?